Top things to consider while choosing car transport services in Noida


Top things to consider while choosing car transport services in Noida

Transporting your car, bike or any other vehicle when relocating to another place is as important as moving your household goods. It is difficult to drive down to the new location especially when you are shifting to another state and need to cover thousand hundreds or thousands of kilometres over many hours. Apart from physical exertion, fuel consumption and wear and tear of car is also huge. Thus, it is better to hire a professional company specialising in transporting cars or bikes or other vehicles over long distances.

If you are shifting to another place from Noida and want your car delivered to your new home, there are many car transport services in Noida to choose from. However, it is important to select a reliable company having the necessary trained workforce, specialised transport vehicles and other resources to deliver your car safely.

Some of the major factors which should be taken into account when selecting a company for Car Transport in Noida have been discussed here.

Kind of company

Car and Bike Transport in Noida are offered by brokers, carriers and vehicle transportation companies. Brokers find transport companies and arrange for cars or bikes to be shipped by transport companies. Brokers charge their commission separately from the charges of the transportation companies.

Carriers have their own fleets of trucks, trailers and tempos to transport cars or other vehicles. The owner needs to deliver the vehicle to the terminal of the carrier company and collect it from the destination terminal.

Vehicle transport companies provide comprehensive services for vehicle shifting. The vehicle is inspected and packed by the personnel of the company right at the residence of the client. There are many types of specialised vehicles at the disposal of a vehicle transport company. The car is delivered right at the doorstep of the client at the destination.

License and Registration

Car Transportation in Noida is offered by a plethora of companies but these also include dubious companies which are not trustworthy. Thus, it is important to ensure that the company you are considering is registered with the government and possess the required license to transport vehicles. The drivers must have the license to drive carriers and heavy vehicles. This is necessary to be sure that your car or bike would be transported without damage and safely delivered to your location.

Type of Car Carrier

There must be multiple options of car carriers offered by the company dealing in Vehicle relocation in Noida. Both open and closed carriers along with single and multi-vehicle transportation carriers are available with good car transport companies in Noida.

Open car carrier is an economical option. It is also called a trailer. All kinds of cars can be transported using open car carriers. They come in a plethora of sizes. The car is strapped securely to the trailer and can also be covered to protect against the elements. Both single and multi-vehicle open trailers are widely used. Single open car carriers are compact in size and can run on cramped and narrow roads with low clearance. Multi-vehicle open car carriers can be single level holding 2-4 cars or multi-level with a maximum capacity of 10 cars.

Enclosed car carriers provide superior protection against elements and debris as compared to open car carriers. Thus, enclosed car carriers are suitable for transporting expensive luxury cars, sports cars, vintage cars or customised cars. This is an expensive option but recommended for high-end cars. Enclosed car carriers also come in single and multi-vehicle versions. Single level multi-vehicle enclosed car carriers can hold 2-3 cars while multi-level types can hold a maximum of 6 cars.

Car containers are used to transport vehicles over very long distances by ship. This is required when you are relocating to another country.

The type of car carrier you need depends upon your budget and the specific requirements of your vehicle. The experts of the car transport company helps you in deciding the most suitable option for you.

Expertise of the company

It is necessary to make sure that the car transport company has the required expertise to handle the model and size of your car. Not every company dealing with car shifting in Noida has the equipment and workforce available to handle all kinds of vehicles.  Thus, it is important to find out the types of vehicles that the company transports. Special moving equipment is required for oversized or highly modified vehicles. If you need to transport such a vehicle, ensure that the transport company has such special moving equipment.

Getting information about other aspects of the company such as the type of packaging materials used, ways of loading and unloading vehicles, punctuality of deliveries, types of bindings used to secure the vehicles, etc. is also recommended.


Monitoring the movement of your vehicle on-board the car carrier is a service which must be provided by the vehicle transport service. Most car carriers keep their clients updated about the status of their vehicles in transit by the way of SMS or emails. Live GPS tracking can also be provided by a car transport service. Tracking gives a clear picture to the vehicle owner about the exact location of his/her vehicle and time left till delivery.


Compare the price quotes of multiple companies offering car and bike shifting in Noida. There are a lot of factors such as distance, type of transport vehicle used, the model and size of the car or bike, pickup and drop location, use of special moving equipment, brand reputation of the company and many others which influence the price quote. It is important to seek information from the company regarding the exact calculations leading to the price quote.

Comparing price quotes help in deciding the best price as per your needs and budget. However, it is necessary to assess the quality of services as well and not simply latch on to the cheapest quote. For example, a company offering terminal-to-terminal delivery would charge less as compared to a company offering door-to-door delivery. The latter is more convenient but you need to decide whether you are fine with terminal delivery for a lesser price or want doorstep delivery at a higher price.

Payment details

It must be remembered that no company offering Car or Bike Transportation in Noida can demand full payment in advance. However, a certain advance amount which is less than 50% of the total amount can be demanded by the company. This is done as an insurance against last minute cancellations by the customers. Most reputed companies prefer taking the full payment after delivery.

The price quote and other payment details must be discussed thoroughly with the company. Otherwise, there is a chance that the company may add extra charges to the bill called hidden charges.


Transit insurance should be offered by any car carrier in Noida. The insurance coverage protects you against financial loss in case your vehicle suffers damage due to accident or any other mishap during transit. Check the insurance options offered by the company to check what all are covered by the policies. Taking transit insurance is not compulsory for the customer but it is recommended to pay a little extra and get insurance coverage.

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